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Registered Massage Therapy

Little added bonus to soothe those achy 

muscles and relax at the lake.

        Your choice of:

        Deep tissue




Available from June - October

Cost: 1hour $100, 1.5hours $150, 45min $80, 30min $60



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Ayurvedic Women's Retreat

July 21st - July 26th/2024

Using an ayurvedic approach, meaning "knowledge of life" taking into consideration the natural seasons, the changes this causes within our bodies and understanding how to achieve balance. 

As summer represents strong fire, heat and dryness, which can cause a lack of energy in the body, there will be focus on the balancing aspect of water. This will include water ceremonies, gentle body movements, journey's within ones self and a focus on emotions and replenishing the senses using the elements and a curated ayurvedic menu to help bring optimal health and vitality to the body, mind and spirit.

Relax in a beautiful and quiet green space and enjoy mindfulness, yoga, meditation, therapeutic massage and empower and rejuvenate yourself with our daily work shops.


Price is based on double occupancy. 2ppl per bedroom. There will be a total of 4 people per cabin. some cabins have single bunks some have double bunks personal preferences will be booked on first come first serve basis. 

All Breakfasts and 2 suppers are included. you are responsible for all other desired meals. All cabins come with full kitchen.

Non-refundable deposit of $500 is required to register.


We have more retreats planned stay tuned for types and dates

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