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Ontario is the top black bear destination in the world and we are fortunate to have one of the best bear management (BMA) in the province.  The terrain in our BMA is ideal for black bears to prosper.   Logged areas and natural clear areas are all prime areas where raspberries and blueberries grow in great abundance. These fruits are very important for a balanced diet that the bears need.   Their diets are also supplemented with the high amounts of small game in the area.   As a result of the availability of food, our hunting guests harvest some of the biggest Black Bears in Ontario. 

big bear
Al 004
cinnamon bear

Bear season starts August 15th through October 31st

Bear Hunt

package includes:

*Bear tag for non-residents

                         *   Cabin for a week

* baited area

* pre hunt orientation

* place to clean and freeze your game

*boat with fuel included to fish on your down time

*inquire for pricing

You are responsible for

* Hunting and  fishing licenses

* export permit

* Tree stand or ground blind

* Processing


* lifejackets

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