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Fishing Nagagamisis

Nagagamisis Lake  has access to 2 rivers, both abundant with natural trout and walleye, the species of fish on the lake include, walleye, pike, perch, whitefish and trout. All other indigenous species of Trout can be found in the many rivers and naturally formed spring fed  trout lakes, all withun 30 minutes of the lodge.


Nagagamisis is nestled among birch, pine and cedar trees.   Its many bays, points, creeks and inlets are quite friendly and can produce trophy fish of pike, walleye, perch ,whitefish and trout. It is a fairly large body of water (20 090 acres). Average depth is 10-30 feet, 45 feet at its deepest.   Nagagamisis is Cree for lake with sandy beaches making it the perfect place for swimming and we are lucky enough to be situated on one of the nicer beaches on the lake.

If a change in scenery interests you, try fishing nearby lakes for some of the best pike, walleye, speckled/rainbow and lake trout fishing in the area.

“I have never had a better a better experience than I have had here. If your thinking about a fishing trip this is the lodge"

"Fantastic place & fantastic fishing!"

"A fantastic little gem with a great history managed by wonderful people"

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