Our area has a very healthy population of moose and they get big!   The ministry of natural resources  performs moose assessments every few years and this dictates how many tags will be available.   There are many game  trails, ATV trails and old logging roads you can either walk or drive down and get a clear shot without going through thick annoying bushes. We are located on the borders of WMU 21 B  and WMU 22.

Non Resident

package  includes:

* Cabin for a week

* Boat during your down time

* pre hunt orientation, maps


*Inquire for pricing


Stay in one of our cabins and hunt from here. located on the border of zone 22 & 21B

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Kirmick Lodge RD.(Nagagamisis Lake)

Hornepayne, on P0 Box 185 P0M 1Z0

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TEL: (807)-228-1650


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