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Pike fishing can be a thrilling experience. They are ferocious feeders and big fighters.   It is not uncommon to catch fish in the 15 - 25lb range.   Early and fall seasons we are casting top water lures like Creepy Crawlers, Spinners and Crank Baits.   Use 6 - 8' medium heavy rods with solid casting reels loaded with 40lbs braided lines.   Heavy leaders and snap swivels are also needed to bring in these monsters.   During the hot summer months you will find them in deeper waters, using weeds for ambush areas.



     The rivers are where you will find awesome rainbow and speckled trout.  If you catch one, chances are there is a hole school of them in that one hole.   One good tip to remember is "if the bugs are biting, so will the fish!"   Water levels can't be to high either.   They are easiest to find in low water levels in deep water holes along river banks.   They like shady areas such as under tree over hangs and still waters around boulders are also good hiding places.   Worms attached to small jigs or floating jig or even a spinner with a plain hook seems to be the ideal lures.

     Lake trout can only be found in the natural spring fed lakes in the surrounding areas.   It can be an adrenalin pumping experience as well.   They will come to shallow waters in the spring and fall and can be caught on the average medium to heavy rod. Trolling with spoons and crank baits work well.   Rock walls are a good spot when looking for some suspended fish.   Use 1oz jig with sucker minnows.   But in hot summer months they are in very deep water and usually require down jigging in order to get the baits deeper.   We also 3-way swivel systems and weights to get down to where the fish are.   Reeling these fish in from 80 - 100ft of water can be  a real challenge but a ton of Fun!

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