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AROUND Nagagamisis

Nagagamisis Lake is not only great for fishing, it can also offer many hours of kayaking, canoeing, swimming and beautifull scenery and wildlife to observe. The vast  land around us offers many opportunities for more remote fishing,  Hunting, ATV riding, Mountain biking and in the winter months snowmobiling.

Kayaking into Sunset
ATV Riding

Enjoy the vast rugged terrain this area has to offer and explore off  road.  ATV enthusiasts can enjoy hours of riding in many different locations.


Canoeing & Kayaking

Nagagamisis Lake offers 57km of water to canoe or kayak. If you are interested in a smaller lake there are many more beautiful smaller ones  just minutes away. 


On those hot summer days you may enjoy a day at the beach. Our sandy shore offers a large shallow area which the kids can walk in and play or enjoy the deeper section and go for a swim.

Pronorth Outfitters is not only for fishing and hunting. Stay in a cozy cabin and just enjoy the peacefulness nature has to offer. Go for a nature walk, look for birds, swim, fish, have a fire at the beach and connect with friends and family.

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